I am…I write!

I am…therefore, I write.

I am…a reader, word collector

…creative, curious

writing Extreme Disciplines 2

…a wanderer, a free spirit

…cluttered in an organized sort of way

…imaginative, expressive

…artistic, poetic

…unconventional, radical

Therefore, I write.

I write, therefore, I am.

I write…stories, poems, reflections, articles

…to release pent-up emotions

…to express my inner feelings

…to reach out to others

…to instruct; to exhort

Therefore, I am.



Author: nrdna

God's servant, PK (pastor's kid), PW (pastor's wife), PM (pastor's mom), youth ministry for life (YM4L), seminary prof, freelance writer, seminar/workshop facilitator, nature lover, green thumb, serial reader, bibliovore, cinemaphile

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