Reflections of a PW (Pastor’s Wife)

I didn’t marry a DOCTOR,

but just the same

my husband’s on call

24 hours a day…

sometimes more:

He visits the sick ones

whose lives are filled

with misery.

He cares for the wounded

whose hearts have been broken.

To those in despair,

he brings healing words

taken from Him…

the Great Physician.

<>< <>< <><

I didn’t marry a SOLDIER

but my husband’s more than one.

His never-ending “tour of duty”

comprises the world:

As a front-liner, he battles the darkness

within and without

with the sword of the Spirit

and the shield of Faith.

He may get battle-fatigued at times,

but he takes his orders from

and pledges loyalty to

the Commander-in-Chief.

<>< <>< <><

I didn’t marry a FARMER

but guess what he does?

He patiently tills hardened hearts

with God’s love:

Planting the seed

that comes from above,

he waters and tends them

until harvest time

when just as expected,

the person bears fruit.

He gets his master plan from

the Sower, the Creator

<>< <>< <><

I didn’t marry a BUSINESSMAN,

but wouldn’t you know,

he’s one shrewd fellow

with investments in mind:

Investing in people for eternity,

he bargains for souls

and handles some deals.

He must manage well

For he’s in the King’s Business.

[written circa late ’90s]


Author: nrdna

God's servant, PK (pastor's kid), PW (pastor's wife), PM (pastor's mom), youth ministry for life (YM4L), seminary prof, freelance writer, seminar/workshop facilitator, nature lover, green thumb, serial reader, bibliovore, cinemaphile

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