Love is Something You Do

Love is something you do:

It can’t be submerged;

It comes out so naturally,

You just get the urge…


To help one in need

Or show that you care–

An action or good deed

To prove that love’s there.


Love is something you do

Not just what you feel.

It’s more than emotion;

It’s something that’s real:


A smile or a touch,

A pleasant “hello”…

A time spent in sharing

Life’s joy or life’s woe.


For words can be spoken

And words can be heard,

But actions speak louder

Than any loud word.


You’ve got to show love,

Be sure that it’s true…

For Love’s an expression–Image

It’s something you do!

(Written February 1985, EBCS-ZC)


Author: nrdna

God's servant, PK (pastor's kid), PW (pastor's wife), PM (pastor's mom), youth ministry for life (YM4L), seminary prof, freelance writer, seminar/workshop facilitator, nature lover, green thumb, serial reader, bibliovore, cinemaphile

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