Unexpected Sadness…

a gush of tears erupt unexpectedly

as i chance upon your photograph.

years have passed, and yet,

the pain is fresh…

as if it were only yesterday

when i first learned that you were gone.
“missing you” is an understatement:

for what can fill the void

that you’ve created?

what can replace the smiles

that only you can give?

what can take the place

of lifelong friendship

that only we can share?
you’ve brought out

the best in me…

and sometimes the worst(!)

but through it all

i’ve learned:

that sometimes second chances

are not enough;

that distance can make

the heart grow fonder;

that forgiveness may be bestowed

even when it was not sought;

that friendships

can last a lifetime…

that love is always there

just where you left it.
regrets do always come late:

longing for another talk with you;

hoping to hear your voice

one more time;

wishing to see you

in all the places

that hold our memories;

and most of all:

having you hear me say

i loved you so!



Author: nrdna

God's servant, PK (pastor's kid), PW (pastor's wife), PM (pastor's mom), youth ministry for life (YM4L), seminary prof, freelance writer, seminar/workshop facilitator, nature lover, green thumb, serial reader, bibliovore, cinemaphile

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